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Running Pt.I

One of the best and worst things I’ve picked up last year is running (jogging), whichever you like remember any form of exercise is better than none at all. Going from knowing absolutely nothing about it, it’s funny how rapidly you come across little tricks and methods to take out with you on your next run. It’s one the best things because you really feel the difference in just a fortnight of doing it and also the worst, as I don’t think at any point in my life I’ve had to battle with my mind about a challenge. The one below I found pretty insightful and engaging simply because it involved two things I enjoy. Running and of course video production. Shot on the new Red Weapon 8K. This post isn’t really about that but  the content relates after watching, if you want to find and explore more about the medium, head over to Michael Cioni’s Tumblr.

Initially a run always starts off with motivation and inspiration. Because a lot of the people I follow on Instagram are runners or avid exercisers, their posts/ content as well as hundreds of YouTube videos similar to Eric Thomas’ “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” are constantly viewed as a quick boost to really push and prioritise the idea that doing something is far better than doing nothing. Even sitting around thinking for too long can be destructive. Also because I’ve taken the initiative to go public about running it means more people are involved which in turn makes me accountable should I suddenly decide to stop and flop. With the people you choose to tell about anything you do (friends, family, partner and or the internet), not necessarily just for running but go out of your way to keep positive people around you. I promise it will help especially if you’re feeling tired/ low and especially those who can provide constructive criticism are always a bonus, someone telling you what you want to hear can also prove to be detrimental to your progress.

On numerous occasions whilst on short-runs I’ve had to talk my self out of stopping, this is what I mean by the battle of the brain. Honestly putting one foot in front of the other becomes secondary, it might sound crazy but for me, the environment suddenly throws hundreds of reasons to bring a run to an instant “nope, not today✋🏾.” For example, people you might see, the feeling that you might die by the time you get to the next lamppost from fatigue or that well experienced jogger who flys past you and within mere seconds in the distance. The worst is when I start thinking “why am I doing this again?”, at this point I tend to get angry but will quickly start flipping these disruptive thoughts and begin the long list of reasons why I am/ should be doing this, how good I’ll feel when I get past the next 200 lampposts and of course let the people talk if they do see you, because more than likely you’re working on a part of your life where they wish they they could join you.

When I first started off even from the inspiration and motivation stages, I would be lying if I didn’t feel consumed by a world full of stops signs. Literally, from walking 5KM in at a very lazy 53 minutes I’m down to 33:49. The aim by end of April is to hit the 29:59 mark. Once I’m under that, then I’ll definitely set another goal. I think 25 minutes and beyond is pretty respectable by the end of summer, Lol @ 52 minutes for 5KM am I a snail 🐌?

For those of you who are starting out here are some things that have worked really well for me take what you need.

  • Nike Running (app) This will track your progress during your runs, acknowledging you for your efforts and merit you for any goals reached or times smashed
  • Ear hook Headphones (accessories) This is a personal thing but I find ear hook headphones comfortable during runs as they next to never fall out of my ear. 
  • Water (Necessity) It’s like the amount of people who skip breakfast we’ve all done it but when you put your body through pressure like this, the worst thing is when you feel like you’re about to pass out from quickly being dehydrated, drink up!
  • Spotify (App) In combination with the Nike Running App, as well playlist you can find that may fit your style, I’ve fine-tuned a playlist I feel that gives me a boost to tackle those moments where you want to give up. https://open.spotify.com/user/gerald.boye/playlist/1hmZWT75F4pfuEanisYY1G
  • Windbreaker (Wardrobe) Over time I’ve made several adjustments to things I wear, the windbreaker is one of them, simply to run in the rain as well as resisting the wind itself. The Nike hoodie I was wearing at first just wasn’t cutting it, especially when you’re getting soaked in one of London’s downpours. Windbreakers or windcheaters are light as well, so you’ll barely feel that it’s on.
  • Trainers (Wardrobe) Everyone has slightly different feet (a quick google will tell you about yours) but for now, it’s kind of a given that you really need a pair of trainers that one will cushion your feet as well protect them but the main thing apart from the above is that they are light.

Whilst I’m out there on the roads coming up with creative tricks and ideas, thinking how to not die from being out of breath and controlling my heart rate, start off by finding good routes and walking it. From then on turn your walks into light jogs, see how it works out for you and I’ll be sure to come back with part ii, hopefully I’ll be able to articulate myself more with new information and tactics to break your PB’s. #JustDoIt


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