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LIFE: Q1 Roundup

So we are well and truly into 2016, this means gym attendance has plummeted and all those try hard resolutions are about to go from “it’s now or never” to “yeah I’ll start next month” which then leads to “2017 is my year”. Seriously though, whatever it is you set out to do this year, whether you haven’t started or you’re just about hanging off the wagon, (pick yourself up start and or try again), one mistake isn’t the end of the world as long as you do exactly that. Funnily enough, a simple task, I set myself  for 2016 was to achieve 100 kick ups, I’m fully aware that the year is far from over but I don’t even think I’ve kicked a ball, let alone achieve 1 kick up this year. It’s quickly made me aware that when setting a resolution, target, goal, aim or anything where the intention is achievement, there are numerous variables that you have to be fully aware of before you set out and for ultimate satisfaction. I’m sure there are many more but for me personally, urgency, accountability, fun, potential and accomplishment are the main ones that allow me to achieve particular goals.

For example, let’s take something mundane like cutting the grass every fortnight. It’s not exactly the most exciting thing but if that was your target, you can break it down through those five words above.


I start with this one because for me it’s the most difficult to find in some simple tasks. For example, something like cutting the grass I’ll create a sense of urgency because I’d rather save my ears than being moaned at for not doing it. Also knowing it has to be well kept throughout the year means that when BBQ season comes, the grass is looking healthy, fresh and clean cut (I’m getting old clearly, patchy grass bothers me).


Self-accountability is as equally challenging as urgency, if you feel like you’re going to mess up then you need to put things in place knowing you’re the only one responsible for any hiccups or straight failure. If you do, don’t dwell on it take a step back and keep moving forward again. The point here is just be honest with yourself. Be very aware of the risk of failure, perhaps even making your challenge/ task whichever you want to call it public knowledge will raise the stakes. If people know about it, then you’re going to want to succeed that much more, you’ll gain a little more motivation from it rather than only you knowing and self-sabotaging yourself which will prove detrimental in succeeding through all this.


There is absolutely no way I am making it through the majority of targets without having fun with it. Back to this grass last time I was cutting it, in my ears on repeat was Stormzy – WickedSkengMan4, Zara Larsson – Lush Life, Maverick Sabre – Walk Into The Sun. A mundane task didn’t just become bearable it was just pure jokes, you literally lose yourself in it. Then you start making mental games and challenging yourself to how quick you can cut one strip by the end of a song etc. etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether beat boxing to things, dancing to things, whatever it is just creating a sense of feel good vibes, will make any tasks at hand fun. There is a point to all this and I’ll get to it, hang on tight.


I’ve said this before but doing something your future self will be thankful for is all in the eyes of potential. This goes hand-in-hand with optimism. If you can’t find a positive in everything you’ll find yourself accumulating negative thoughts and numerous set backs and believe me,  you don’t want that to tumble into a long-lasting feeling of anxiety. Just be grateful for where you are today, completely see and understand where you are now and know how and where you want to be tomorrow. I can guarantee that you’ll create opportunities and come across many many more through the awareness of your own potential.


The end result, your real sense of achievement, so let me paint the picture one last time. You’ve finally finished cutting that grass, done the raking, watered it, and given it nutrients. Summer has arrived, the tunes are spinning and the chicken is on the grill, someone from the party comes a long and says “how do you get your grass so green?”.  You know what you’ve done and now the result of your actions are paying off, especially when you’re conscious about them and have been noticed others, you can be content, happy, joyful whatever it is in the given situation. Humility is a great quality here but honestly, the confidence boost you’ll feel for successful accomplishments will only grow and of course expand your belief in the potential to do much bigger and greater things.

These five words, try them and see if it works, I’m sure you can apply it to near enough anything you aim to do either through Q2 or throughout the whole of 2016. That puzzle that’s been sitting there since christmas, losing those extra 15 lbs before whatever event you’ve got coming up or stepping back into the gym, writing a chorus or 16 for that song you’ve been sitting on for a year. It doesn’t matter what it is really, as long as you’re consciously aware of what you’re setting out to do, you can accomplish it. Even just writing this post, I’ve made myself increasingly aware of how and where I need to apply this in my life, so let the sense of urgency begin.


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