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The Creative Ones: Barney Artist




I’ve been working with Barney or as we now know him ‘Barney Artist’ for a little while, (looking through old videos near enough coming up to five years) the first video being a feature with another artist and then onto a remix of Kanye West/ Jay-Z’s ‘Otis’. Now into the fifth year of our collaborative efforts, nothing has changed, except for the standard, progression is definitely apparent in comparison to five years ago. So where are we today? This year as Barney puts out his first full body of work ‘Painting Sounds’ he called upon me once again to produce a few low-budget videos. Videos that will put across his style, showcase his lyricism or a straight forward narrative that relates to the song. The first would be ‘Down’ see below.

Filmed across a day in Forest Gate and Shoreditch, ‘Down’ presents all of Barney’s characteristics, energy and abilities to shine as a rapper. On-screen for pretty much the whole video you can’t miss a trick here, you get 100% of an artist and especially the vibe he is going for. Check from 2:25 – 2:40 you can see how he gets down in the club (pun not intended here). It was a fun video and always provides a sense of achievement when it comes to release day.

The second instalment would be Stay Close feat. Tom Misch, again with limited tools it’s always challenging coming up with fresh and quirky ideas. The content of this production was mainly inspired by long-term relationships made easy through technology today. Hence FaceTime…. have a look to see more.

Step into the life of Barney Artist a little, this mini-doc delves deeper into what drives his passion, creating the things we see and hear. This episode looks into the work of Barney and his extended family, musicians, producers and painters.


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