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Lessons Learnt In: Marrakech, Morocco 🇲🇦

North African country Morocco and its major city Marrakech is definitely in my top 5 places to visit right now! It’s home to snake charmers, great waterfalls, mountains filled with donkeys, monkeys and enough tagine fit for a king. Everyone seems to be visiting Marrakech and I had no idea why until now. It’s a great location and with great views, temperatures and excursions, should an opportunity ever arise to go back and film here I’d be committed in a heartbeat.


Accommodation & Places to Stay

Riad is the word you’ll here most when it comes to looking for a place to stay in Morocco. Essentially they are a block of rooms built up around a courtyard, garden or swimming pool. You’ll find newer hotels also have Riads built on their grounds (our hotel: Kenzi Club Agdal Medina had 9) but more traditional Riads around the city of Marrakech and Morocco can also be rented.



If you’re done basking in the sun and want to get out to see more of Marrakech/ Morocco, then GET YOUR GUIDE is the perfect website to find Day Trips for really good prices. Whether it’s camels, quad biking, mountaineering in the atlas or you need a culture shock whilst visiting the Berber villages, Get Your Guide has it all.

The Ouzoud waterfalls are a must if you have the time (make time). Wear your most comfortable trainers as you’ll have to quickly adapt to a lot of walking both up and down the falls. The waterfall being the second highest in Africa has a tremendous drop with loads of swimming activities and history before you get to the bottom. Once you finally do reach the bottom and experience the magic of Ouzoud, there’s only one way up via HUNDREDS of STEPS! As previously mentioned come prepared with both water and comfortable footwear, though towards to the top you may be graced with traditional Moroccan food dependent on your package, your transfer may still be a little walk away. Needless to say a return trip is in order as this part of the moroccan adventure was too great to just do once! Also don’t forget to see the monkeys!

The souks are also definitely worth a trip to find your perfect Moroccan tea pot. Or if you want to try your luck at haggling, there are hundreds of shop keepers to find the very best bargains in Marrakech, remember this place is a tourist hub so you have to work each owner to get good prices for any items you purchase.



Each country has it’s own culture and faith, Morocco being no different has plenty of Islamic sites to visit and see from mosques to palaces. Exercise due diligence and dress modestly, not only to respect the culture and religious beliefs of Morocco but also to protect yourself from the sheer heat of the sun. Watch the Instagram video at the bottom of this post for ideas on the various outfits worn by both females and males from walking through the souks, the waterfalls to riding on camels and quad bikes. When it comes to hotel style, it’s definitely time to get out those Havaianas and dip into the pool, you can wear what you want but just be aware of any dress code etiquette.


Closely situated between the rest of Africa and the Mediterranean, Moroccan food combines the exotic flavours of both. From meat, fish, fruit and vegetables Moroccan cuisine has them all and with all the spices. Usually cooked in a Tagine pot you’ll find a casserole like dish, think lamb tagine, beef tagine, potatoe tagine and squid tagine with a hearty salad, a lemon and a bowl of couscous to accompany your meal. Most importantly don’t forget to try Moroccan mint tea, it’s insane how much such a simple leaf can change hot water and it’s flavour, adds some honey to taste if you have a sweet tooth and you’ll be drinking it all day.


Uber hasn’t fully reached every major city in the world yet but my advise for getting around Marrakech is to book private transfers to and from the airport to your hotel/ Riad. Make sure transfers are included in any excursions/ day trips you want to get involved in and don’t hesitate to ask your hotel if they have a shuttle bus running from the hotel grounds to places like the Medina or any night time activities, as ours did which was incredibly helpful.


Insurance: Bad things happen! In the unfortunate event that something happens from the moment you leave your door to the time you get back, be covered for anything and everything (loss, delays, damage, illness or death). This comparison site is really easy to use, so get clicking around the options and find whatever is perfect for you and your group.

Sky ScannerThis is the quickest place you’ll find flights for unbeatable prices, unless you’re quick enough to go directly to the airline and get a good deal during their sales period. Airlines like Easy Jet & British Airways who fly regularly to Marrakech, have their release schedule up at different times of the year so whack that in your calendar, save some money and spend it on your first Moroccan tea pot.

Trip Advisor:  Trip Advisor is still becoming a personal favourite when looking for a place to stay, though I continuously hear good things from AirBNB but will give it a go this year. People on Trip Advisor are not afraid to be honest but once you sift through some of nonsense you’ll find gold. A photo was uploaded to one of the reviews on the site whilst searching for the hotel we stayed in, needless to say it would’ve put a lot of people off but in the end the Kenzi Club Agdal Medina so far has been the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more posts. And of course in true “Lessons learnt” style this post just wouldn’t be the same without a video of the holiday, so here are sixty seconds of the finest moments in Morocco & Marrakech.

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Happy travels and like anywhere on the planet, use common sense, stay safe and have a great time. Now go get your accommodation sorted!✌🏾




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