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Lessons Learnt In: Ibiza, Spain 🇪🇸


Ibiza (Spanish name: Eivissa) is hands down one of the most adventurous places to visit in your twenties and early thirties. To be honest it doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you have an adventurous spirit and love to dance, then it’s probably for you. In saying that, it’s definitely a place for many but not for any. The island isn’t somewhere that can be summarised easily, but this post will give it a good shot. So seriously get a beverage, put your feet up, start collecting your EUROS (€) and stick it out to the end, because you’re in for quite the experience.

A C C O M M O D A T I O N   &   P L A C E S   TO   STAY

Assuming you’re looking to have a short holiday in Ibiza or perhaps looking to do a season, means you’ll soon be looking for a place to rest your head. So get it out of the way and out of the way fast.  The type of person you are and the purchasing power of your pocket will deem whether you stay in an eat, sleep, rave and repeat type hotel or somewhere with peace, tranquility and an infinity pool. Either way understand what your group can afford and put a deposit down quickly, because good spots can get taken up as early as October for the following year, or as soon as airlines release their summer flight schedule.

Ibiza is split up into different towns and villages, where activities are split right across the island. The best option from the get go is to decide where you’re going to be most active, both day and night. For those of you that are fresh to the White Isle, the most populated towns and areas during the season (May-October) are the following:


Here you’ll find some of the sweetest places to chill out, home to Café Del Mar, Café Mambo (host to some the most renowned international DJ’s and BBC Ibiza Weekend), The Sunset Strip (filled with applause from the crowd every day into the night), the famous West End Strip and of course where endless boat parties set sail from the port.


There are hundreds of hotels and hostels dotted around for affordable prices, both on a budget and above (Look out for Ibiza Rocks 4* hotel Sol House Ibiza as well). San Antonio is definitely a personal favourite, especially during the buzzing summer season with Ibiza Rocks Hotel/ Club in the heart of it. Taxis from here to the airport cost around €40.00. Split between a group of 4? Bargain!

PLAYDA D’EN BOSSA: Here you’ll find some of Ibiza’s Super clubs including Open Air Ushuaïa, Hard Rock Hotel and Sankeys (ravers paradise). There are also beaches like Bora Bora, where boredom is non existent with various DJ’s spinning tracks across the sand, sun loungers as far as the eye can see and almost every water sport you can think or dream of (Jet Skis, Banana Boats, Parasailing and more). Just don’t forget your buoyancy aid or life jacket if you can’t swim!

Playa d’en Bossa is right next to the airport so you’re looking at a quarter of the price for what you may fork out to get to San Antonio in taxi fares. However this part of the island is host to some of the worlds best clubs, so you’ll also find top tier prices for accommodation. A double room in Ushuaïa can range from €500 – €10,000 A NIGHT!  Save and book early, very early because these rooms also go quickly.

img_3537 img_5194IBIZA TOWN: A world heritage site and the capital of Ibiza, just 15 minutes from Playa d’en Bossa. Ibiza town has historical hidden gems down alleys, and on street corners. You’ll also find restaurants or bars open late at night, bringing in and capturing the Mediterranean vibe for the whole island. Ibiza town is also host to Pacha, another super club on the island which you’ll immediately spot from the airport, notably because of the franchises famous red cherries. The town also holds historical value to the outdoor museum and cathedral. If you plan on switching up your clubbing and or tanning adventures, then seek out Ibiza Town to find out more about its history and fortification.

FORMENTERA: The sister island of Ibiza. It’s supposedly a place to get away from the electrifying “boots, cats and beats” of Ibiza itself. Formentera is an island that currently sits on the “Places & Spaces to visit” list and will be explored in the near future.

There are less populated areas in Ibiza that are just as great. If you want to go on retreats or a more relaxing, health, fitness based getaway then this is for you. Look for retreats in Puerto de San Miguel, San Carlos, Sant Josep de se Talaia as well as hotels to enrich the mind body and soul.

A P P S   &   G A M E S


Having the rights apps on your phone will add to your Ibiza experience. that much further. Here are a few personal favourites – some may be more obvious than others…


Below is some snapchat footage and action from Ibiza 2016. Next time there will be more adventures, quad biking and hopefully a few dives off a cliff.

A video posted by Gerald (@lifewithgerald) on


Alongside posting countless pictures of your sun-kissed skin, remember to use Instagram to follow accounts of interest to you as venues and deals are often promoted on this platform.


Similarly on these platforms, you’ll find most clubs, bars, restaurants etc. will share deals here. Look out for those group bargains (power in numbers and all that good stuff). @GeraldBoye


It’s essential to have a streaming app when you’re out, about and on the go. Put a playlist together in advanced or feel free to FOLLOW my “Summer the Finest Vibes…🍹” playlist, filled with the latest and greatest.


An encyclopaedia and great tool when it comes to exploring Ibiza in all its form and glory. From nightlife and a constantly updated party calendar, to relaxation recommendations for places to lay low on the most secluded beaches, this app has it all. Keep Spotlight close to you for updates on information, changes to events and activities, especially in season.


Ibiza isn’t the biggest Island around but like anywhere else it’s easy to get lost if you’re not used to the roads, corners and The Egg (if you know, you know). Whilst planning and researching the whole of your holiday, do due diligence marking out places and points on your map like your hotel, bus stops, taxi ranks, clubs, restaurants, beaches and any places and spaces you may want to visit, doing this you’ll get the most out of your money and the most out of your trip.


Take games with you, occupy your downtime with games by the poolside or wherever, Cards, Connect 4, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens and if you’re about that life learn some good drinking games, these will honestly create some of the best memories with your friends/ family on the island.

T R A N S P O R T   &   G E T T I N G   AROUND

Transfer: You’ve got off the plane and you’re ready to begin your Ibiza journey. You have two options, hail a taxi from outside the airports exit (be prepared for long queues during high season and busy flight days) or go online, finding a transfer company that are offering a sign up bonus. Private transfers can cost as little as €80.00 both pickup and drop-off to and from the airport. If you’re a group, you’ll find private transfers cheaper.

Taxis: IbizaTaxiFareIbiza operates a great hail and ride service (no Uber Ibiza). You’ll find taxis distinguished by their all white exterior and green light on top indicating their availability. Rates of the taxis change between day, night and anti-social hours, with ranks posted all over the island. Fleets will hang in areas such as outside clubs and wherever party goers tend to gravitate towards. Examples include: Ibiza Rocks Hotel entrance, Ushuaïa and at the bottom of the west end strip on Passeig de la mar (remember adding things to your map and favourites #lifesaver).

Ibiza Disco Bus: A night bus filled with party people and arguably the cheapest way of getting around to night clubs on the island. The disco bus usually operates from May through to October, running through the night stopping at Ibiza’s most popular clubs. San Antonio, Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza Town, Port des Torrent and Es Canar are all disco bus routes, see map for more details. The Ibiza Disco Bus is usually priced at €3.50* per route.

Ferries & Boats: Ibiza has it’s own Aquabus, if you enjoy excursions and or want to venture out to places like Formentera then Aquabus is for you. Book quickly as excursions are known to be over subscribed. Many of the clubs, bars and events host daytime/ sunset boat parties allowing you to get up close and personal with popular DJ’s performing their latest mixes and sets. If you don’t get sea sick and are confident in open water, go and party on a boat. Don’t forget your waterproof action camera, capturing all the action as you dive off the side.

Hire: Do you consider yourself to be a great driver or rider? Someone who will stop at an amber light rather than go through it? Then have a look at the hire options in Ibiza. The road is dangerous and people can get lost in their happiness, throwing all consideration for safety out the window. Keeping it positive, cars, quad bikes, scooters and mopeds, motorbikes and pedal bikes can all be hired around the island and even booked online before you arrive. You just need a valid driving licence and a paper copy of your passport and you’re good to go.

Ibiza is relatively easy to navigate. Remember what part of town your staying in, use your phones GPS, road signs and any local or rep should be able to point you in the right direction. Turbo rent a car is a long lasting trusted company, with offices across the island for pickup and drop-off of all their vehicles .


It’s HOT and STICKY but BE COMFORTABLE. Try on everything you’re going to wear two weeks before you get out there. Myself included buying something one size too small might just have you leaving your favourite vest you had ready for that one night out, hanging up in the wardrobe your whole stay. Wear shorts, Tops, T-Shirts etc. it’s summer, so be creative and colourful!


Ibiza Paella

Now for the gastronomes among us, those into fine Ibiza cuisine, overall foodies and those who are just looking for a quick munch. You’ll be pleased to know there are options EVERYWHERE! Whether you eat everything, are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, need gluten free food or lactose intolerant Ibiza has all the options. PAELLA – you heard it here first 😋

Those on a higher fitness and health consciousness should try Skinny Kitchen as it motto is “Eat Clean, Rave Dirty”. If you’re looking to keep your gains, eat gluten free food, or again are vegan or vegetarian or just want a beautiful buff ting burger coupled with sweet potatoe fries, this is the place for you and can be found by Ibiza’s marina and another spot in West End.

Steak ‘n Shake (Playa d’en Bossa) who do legendary burgers with extra legendary milkshakes. After Ushuaïa or if you’re by Bora Bora beach, locate steak’n Shake. You’ll have absolutely zero regrets!

img_4502Cafe Bondi Ibiza (San Antoni) Located at the bottom of Ibiza’s west end strip. They prepare/serve organic and healthy food choices from juices to burgers and salads with great outdoor seating during the day to compliment.

img_7848img_4497Golden Buddha (San Antoni) If you want to chill out, smoke shisha (at night), eat nachos and listen to some majestic casual music, Golden Buddha is the place to go. As well as an incredible menu for both food and cocktails, they have unbeatable prices and great vantage point for a relaxing sunset.

If you’re about eating in rather than eating out and have all the pots and pans for cooking in your hotel, then there are two Lidl Ibiza supermarkets on the island where you can get the majority of all your food and goods.  Underneath most hotels and around different towns, there are local shops and supermarkets that will stock things like ice, water, soft drinks, crisps, snacks and most daily produce. It is NOT advisable to drink the water in Ibiza, so stock up.

As well as restaurants and your go to supermarkets, Ibiza also has fantastic places where food is grown and sourced from fig, olive and apricot trees, local wine to taste and salt can be found on both Formentera and in Ibiza. Before you leave don’t forget to pick up some Sal de Ibiza during your trip to Ibiza town.


Known for having some of the biggest and most popular clubs in the world, Ibiza really brings people from overseas into one place. From Hip-Hop & R&B nights at Revolutions to Electronic, House and Techno at Privilege, the largest night club in the world. It’s all here and like a kid in a sweet shop you’re spoilt for choice everywhere you go. If you don’t know how to move your feet, start watching Youtube videos RIGHT NOW! Perhaps search for something like Kano’s – “Nobody Don’t Dance No More” or P-Moneys – “Gunfingers” for some understanding, Martin Solveig’s “Do It Right” and Disclosure’s – “Jaded” (Jammer Remix) for some vibing. Or just general search how to dance, how to shuffle or even how to skank as a good starting point. If you’re inexperienced on the dance floor THIS IS OKAY! Most people just rock left and right on a loop anyway. With the amount of bars, clubs, events and nights, it’s impossible to do everything on the Island on a short holiday. So plan and choose things to do wisely, throw ideas at your group and get deals on tickets as prices can stretch to £70+. Below is a list of popular clubs, nights and day time activities you should know about. There are many more but these are just personal favourites and ones that get raving reviews.ibizaclubs

Space Ibiza have now closed their doors entering the 27 club. 2016 saw a great send off with legendary DJ Carl Cox.

A simple word of clubbing and overall Ibiza advise, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. You’ll be surprised how many people forget this but also keep your whits about you and be friendly.

U S E F U L   L I N K S   F O R   IBIZA:

Travel Republic: A great site with low deposits and hundreds of hotels and hostels listed for Ibiza. Remember to cross check your hotel of choice with Trip Advisor.

Money Saving Expert Travel Money: Use Money Saving Expert to quickly compare the best rates around with recommended foreign exchange companies.

Together Week: If you’re seeking sun, sea, sand and raves but cannot be bothered to cater for yourself then Together Week might be the place to go. They will organised the majority of your trip, from flights and accommodation to all of your daily activities and club entry. Even if you are capable of planning the whole trip yourself, look out for discounted tickets and bundles with their IBIZA TICKET PACK. Deals range in price but ticket entry can be as little as £25-£30 per ticket on bundles saving you ££’s.

Spotlight Ibiza: From accommodation, island and club guides, to a variety of reviews, spotlight is your home when it comes to providing the finer details and recommendations of the island. Spotlight will keep you up to date with all activities and artist line-ups, ticketing information as well as places and spaces to visit.

Insurance: Bad things happen! In the unfortunate event that something happens from the moment you leave your door to the time you get back, be covered for anything and everything (loss, delays, damage, illness or death). This comparison site is really easy to use, so get clicking around the options and find whatever is perfect for you and your group. If you’re an avid cinema goer and know about Orange Wednesdays then get involved with compare the market, the 2 for 1 offer has been moved over to their site for both Tuesday and Wednesdays. If you go with someone who has a Cineworld Unlimited card, a film will cost you £0.70p. YES 70p! Take advantage now!

Sky Scanner: This is the quickest place you’ll find flights for unbeatable prices, unless you’re quick enough to go directly to the airline and get a good deal during their sales period. Airlines like Easy Jet who fly regularly to Ibiza, have their release schedule up at different times of the year so whack that in your calendar, save some money and spend it on your first bottle of water inside a club. 👀

Trip Advisor:  Trip Advisor is becoming a personal favourite when looking for a place to stay. The comments you read will either have you gagging, laughing or just genuinely in awe of the places and spaces they have on offer. People on trip advisor are not afraid to be honest but once you sift through some of nonsense you’ll find gold. A photo was uploaded to one of the reviews on the trip advisor site whilst searching for a hotel in Morocco (more on that in another post) but don’t let that put you off, as half the things you’ll read on here are either common in hotels around the world or extremely rare! This was a rarity and turned out to be one of the best hotels ever booked.

It would be good to hear some of your hotel nightmares but we’ve now come to the end of this post. Thanks for making it all the way to the end and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more posts.


Happy travels and like anywhere on the planet, use common sense, stay safe and have a great time, now go get your accommodation sorted!✌🏾


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